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Frequently Asked Questions about Work Injuries from our Crofton Chiropractor

Work injuries are common problems that affect people in all walks of life. These injuries cause pain and reduce effectiveness at work, and in some cases, prevent being able to work at all. At Capital Rehab of Crofton, we offer a variety of methods to help you get back to your normal activities.

Man suffering from a shoulder injury

What Are the Most Common Work Injuries?

Slips and falls are among the most common workplace injuries. Muscle strains from lifting and bending are also common. Frequently, falling objects cause an injury that can lead to a long-term problem. Vehicle accidents are also a common cause of work-related injury. Workers may walk into objects that cause an injury.  Repetitive motions can also cause a back, arm or shoulder problem. When these injuries occur, treatment is needed to reduce pain, restore range of motion and improve strength. Although conventional treatment is available for these problems, it may include the use of strong drugs, surgery or long periods of physical therapy and recovery.

Do Office Workers Experience Work Injuries?

Injuries related to office work are becoming more common. Back problems from sitting in the same position all day, neck problems from staring at computer screens and carpal tunnel syndrome from holding the hands over the keyboard for hours at a time can produce painful problems that affect normal movement. Chiropractic methods can help to improve these issues.

How Can Chiropractic Help Work Injury Pain and Dysfunction?

Chiropractic care offers a drug-free, non-invasive method to relieve pain and improve mobility. Manual adjustment corrects misalignment of the spine that puts pressure on nerves and discs. Spinal decompression gently separates spinal structures to allow them to fall into their natural position. Laser therapy is used to heal soft tissue injuries. Massage therapy improves healing and flexibility. Acupuncture provides pain relief, without the use of strong medications. These and other techniques can help individuals get back to their normal activities, free of pain and with better function.

Call Capital Rehab of Crofton for Chiropractic Care of Your Work Injury

Dr. McClenny, Dr. Hancock, and Dr. Horne use their combined experience and specialized knowledge to help patients in Crofton, MD and nearby communities to heal their work injuries and regain normal function. We offer manual adjustment, massage therapy, acupuncture and other techniques, with an individualized care plan for your unique needs. Contact Capitol Rehab of Crofton today at (410) 451-3561 for an appointment to discuss options for treatment of your work injury.