Sports Injury Treatment

Sports-Related Injuries and Treatments

If you have suffered a sports injury, our team at Capitol Rehab of Crofton offer our patients a variety of treatment. If you are in Crofton, MD we strive to provide you with the effective treatments that get you back on the field or doing an extra 18 holes.


Common Sports-related Injuries We Treat at Capitol Rehab of Crofton include:

Strains and Sprains – When ligaments are torn or stretched too far, a sprain occurs. The most common type of sprains we see in our patients is in the wrist or ankles. A sprain can cause painful bruising, swelling, and even cause a temporary inability to move a joint. The most common strain occurs in the hamstrings and/or back. A strain can cause painful spasms and swelling and the temporary inability to move the torn muscle.

Swollen muscles – When some muscles swell, they fill a tough membrane called the fascia. Because the fascia cannot expand, blood vessels and nerves are put under pressure. Called compartment syndrome, this condition can occur in response to a one-time muscle injury, repeated blows in specific sports like boxing, and long-time overuse.

Knee injuries – Athletes experience knee injuries every day. Runners and even non-competitive joggers can develop what is known as “runner’s knee,” a condition that is a tenderness near the knee cap.

Achilles tendon injuries – The Achilles tendon extends from the heel to the calf muscle and is at times torn while engaged in a sports activity. These often occur from the lack of regular training routines.

Shin splints – Are often experienced by competitive and non-competitive runners. A shin splint involves pain that runs along the tibia, or shinbone. Shin splints often occur due to a failure to warm up properly, engage in an activity on a hard surface, and wearing unsupportive shoes.

Dislocations – High-impact and contact sports sometimes cause a dislocation in bones that form a joint. A dislocation can cause intense pain due to damage to nerves caused by the injury. After our chiropractor puts your joints back in place, you may need rehabilitation and wear a sling until the swelling subsides.

What You Should do After an Injury

Despite popular belief, the next step to take after an injury is not to “push through the pain.” Our experienced chiropractor can help you in several ways. Plus – preventative chiropractic treatment reduces the risk of future injury and improve your performance.

If you are in Crofton, MD call (410) 451-3561 to learn more about the treatment of sports injuries or schedule an appointment. At Capitol Rehab of Crofton, we want to help you achieve relief from your sports injury treatment.    


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Shaun McClenny was very helpfull with helping me understand my injuries. Each visit I noticed an improvement. I will definitely continue to visit Dr. McClenny if needed in the future."
    Luther F. - Crofton, MD