Sciatica Relief FAQs in Crofton, MD

Frequently Asked Questions about Sciatica

Sciatica is a painful, potentially debilitating problem. For many sufferers, it is a confusing one as well. If you're struggling to find the answers, we can help here at Capital Rehab of Crofton. Check out some answers to frequently asked questions on the topic from our chiropractor.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sciatica

What Does the Term "Sciatica" Mean?

Sciatica is the term used to describe inflammation or impingement of the sciatic nerve tissue. It is not a specific disease or injury in and of itself, since a variety of issues can contribute to its development.

What Is the Sciatic Nerve?

The sciatic nerve is the body's largest nerve. Each sciatic nerve runs from the pelvis and down each leg, relaying nerve signals to and from the smaller nerves that serve the extremity. The sciatic nerve is attached to the spinal cord by way of several nerve roots extending from the lower spinal column.

How Does Sciatic Nerve Tissue Become Pinched?

In most cases of sciatica, impingement occurs in the sciatic nerve roots, although sometimes the nerve itself can be pinched by inflammation and swelling in nearby muscles. Sciatic nerve roots can be pinched by degenerative changes or alignment problems in the vertebrae, including bulging discs and pregnancy-related chances. An acute injury that dislodges vertebrae or herniates discs can also cause sciatic nerve root impingement.

What Are the Symptoms of Sciatica?

While some cases of sciatica produce lower back pain, this syndrome more commonly afflicts the leg. You may experience tingling, numbness, pain, or muscular control problems in any part of your buttock, leg, or foot.

Does Sciatica Go Away on Its Own?

Sciatica may seem to disappear after several weeks of symptoms, but this reprieve is usually a temporary one. Until the causes of your sciatica are properly treated, you can expect the attacks to recur.

How Does Your Crofton Chiropractor Relieve Sciatica?

Our Crofton chiropractor starts by finding the specific cause of your sciatica, examining your spine and taking your weight, posture, age, and medical history into consideration. Chiropractic adjustment can correct a misalignment that puts pressure on your sciatic nerve roots. Spinal decompression can move bulging or herniated discs out of the way, allowing the nerve roots to work normally again. Massage therapy can reduce soft tissue inflammation that pinches nerve tissue.

How Can I Keep Sciatica from Coming Back?

We can provide periodic adjustments to keep your spine in proper alignment. Weight loss and exercise can help you maintain a healthy posture that will further reduce your chances of your sciatica returning.

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