Spinal Health & Wellness

At Capitol Rehab of Crofton, MD, we offer chiropractic care to treat several conditions, including back and neck pain, repetitious use disorders, and sleep apnea. We often advise our patients to take preventive actions to alleviate current and future issues with their spine and joints.


The Key to Spinal Health and Wellness

Staying healthy and active often alleviates many spinal conditions and back pain. Therefore, as an extension of our chiropractic care, we often suggest lifestyle changes that can reduce your pain and improve your overall health.

Suggestions from the Chiropractor

When you come to our office in Crofton, MD, the chiropractor may have specific suggestions for exercises and lifestyle changes to support your treatment plan. Here are some general suggestions to consider taking up on your own. Please discuss any change in your routine with your doctor or chiropractor to ensure that it won’t aggravate your spinal issues.


Bad posture increases the strain on your spine. Maintaining good posture while sitting, walking, and standing can reduce stress on your spine. Consider investing in products that support good posture such as an ergonomic office chair.


Engaging in appropriate exercises may increase your range of motion and loosen ligaments and muscles that are pressing against a nerve. If you have chronic or acute back pain, ask the chiropractor for advice on the kinds of exercise that can help you heal faster.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy may do more than just help you relax. Take advantage of our massage therapy services to increase blood circulation to injured areas of your spine. Other benefits of massage therapy at Capitol Rehab of Crofton include:

  • Anxiety Reduction
  • Pain Reduction
  • Stress Relief
  • Muscle Tension Reduction
  • Ease Depression
  • Restful Sleep

Nutrition and Weight Loss

Nutritious food gives your body the fuel it needs to speed up the healing process. Your chiropractor can provide advice on healthy foods and may suggest some nutritional supplements to boost your body’s healing power. Extra weight strains your spine and can contribute to acute and chronic pain. Ask the chiropractor for a list of exercises that will benefit your condition without aggravating it.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep is crucial to your spinal health and wellness. However, back and neck pain may make it hard to get to sleep. Choosing the right pillow and mattress may improve your back pain and insomnia.


At Capitol Rehab of Crofton, we offer acupuncture sessions. Acupuncture has been used for centuries to alleviate anxiety, depression, and pain. Talk with your chiropractor to find out more about this ancient healing technique.

Comprehensive Spinal Health and Wellness Care

At Capitol Rehab of Crofton, MD, we believe in a holistic approach to spinal health and wellness. Call us today at (410) 451-3561 to schedule a consultation. We would like to get to know you and perhaps discuss some lifestyle changes and other aspects of chiropractic care used to improve your spinal health and overall wellness.


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  • "Dr. Shaun McClenny was very helpfull with helping me understand my injuries. Each visit I noticed an improvement. I will definitely continue to visit Dr. McClenny if needed in the future."
    Luther F. - Crofton, MD