When to See a Chiropractor

If you are interested in visiting a chiropractor in Crofton, MD, we hope you will choose Capitol Rehab of Crofton. Our chiropractic doctor Shaun McClenny assists with supporting a healthy spine and musculoskeletal system. Our services include spinal adjustments, decompression, physical therapy, and massage therapy. Learn more about how Dr. McClenny and the rest of our staff can serve you with chiropractic care.


Chiropractic Care After an Injury

If you are recovering from an injury, such as a repetitive injury, auto accident, or a slip and fall accident, we can assist you with chiropractic care. Our treatments are here to provide you with injury recovery for your musculoskeletal system. This includes treatment for herniated discs, pulled muscles, slipped vertebrae, and torn ligaments. Visit us as soon as possible after an injury, especially if you have had a sudden jarring of your head and neck, which can lead to herniated discs and whiplash.

What to Expect When Visiting

You’ll start by receiving a comprehensive chiropractic exam that explores any physical and/or internal injuries that you have sustained. From here, our Crofton chiropractor provides you with a detailed treatment program for chiropractic care. This treatment plan is designed to help you recover from your injury without surgery or pain medication.

Chiropractic Treatments for Illness Recovery

For post-illness recovery, we offer chiropractic care to help you recover faster from the illness. For example, if you are suffering from seasonal allergies, migraine headaches, or inflammation in the shoulder, our doctor offers treatments for adjusting your system naturally. You can experience improved healing times after an illness thanks to a boost to your circulation through chiropractic care. We also offer massage and physical therapy as modalities that help support a speedy recovery after an illness. You will leave our office rejuvenated with increased mobility and reduced inflammation thanks to our chiropractic care.

Preventative Care from a Chiropractor

When you are in good health you should still visit a chiropractor. By completing an adjustment by a chiropractic doctor on a routine basis, you keep your musculoskeletal system in check. This includes having a healthy, straight spine supported by properly aligned vertebrae. 

Choose Our Chiropractic Services in Crofton

Now that you understand what you can achieve with chiropractic care, we want to begin your treatment program. We provide chiropractic care along with massage therapy and physical therapy. This combination gives you the tools you need to holistically heal your body with a drug-free treatment plan. Let us get started with your care today. Contact Capitol Rehab of Crofton at 410-451-3561 to schedule your appointment or book an appointment online at your convenience here on our website. We provide all of our new patients with a free initial consultation with Dr. McClenny.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Shaun McClenny was very helpfull with helping me understand my injuries. Each visit I noticed an improvement. I will definitely continue to visit Dr. McClenny if needed in the future."
    Luther F. - Crofton, MD